Big B's Story

Big B's BBQ is the result of a lifelong love of barbeque and good food in general. I worked in the restaurant industry prior to joining the military but it wasn't until the end of my tour that I began to try to barbeque myself. I've been barbecuing for over 10 years now and I'm ready to take it from my backyard to you. I believe barbeque is a process of cooking "low and slow" over hardwood coals and we use only hickory wood that gives the meat a distinctive flavor.

As a native of North Carolina, to me the term barbeque is synonymous to pork, but these days I enjoy cooking (and eating) beef brisket as much as anyone. In fact I enjoy all styles of barbeque and have adapted a little from each of them in to my recipes. I was encouraged to try my hand at brisket from friends who were native Texans and from their reviews I have been able to come pretty close to the quality they remember from home. We also specialize in dry rubbed spareribs and smoked chicken. I am always trying new things on the smoker and I'll be proud to offer these innovations on to you to enjoy. On occasion you may come in to find specials such as rib tips with varying rubs or marinades, smoked meat loaf or smoked chicken barbeque pizza.

I enjoy the process of barbecuing, from making the rubs to working the fire but my greatest reward is when people enjoy what I have prepared for them. Every recipe has been tested and refined to ensure that I can offer you the best barbeque you will find anywhere.